Functional Adult literacy Project

Innovative Youth with Action Uganda through its membership and directors contribution in partnership with SAFTESO and support from Serere District Local Government implemented the project called “Functional Adult Literacy” in Kadungulu Sub County in Serere district. This project was aimed at providing skills in reading, writing and numeracy integrated with practical knowledge and skills. Learning was participatory so as to motivate the adult learners to continue searching for knowledge and skills that will help them to improve on whatever activities they are engaged in for betterment of their lives and the communities where they live. This was done with the goal of imparting literacy and numeric skills to the poor and vulnerable groups that will help them to effectively participate in the economic growth and development process at the community level. This project was carried out in Kadungulu Sub County, Serere District and it was implemented for a period of seven months beginning from June 2017 to December 2017.

The project was able to;

  • Increase beneficiaries access to information and participation in self, community and national development
  • Reduce adult literacy rate
  • Build capacity of adult learners to use literacy and numeracy skills in improving their income generating activities through training on enterprise selection and investment.
  • Promote functional adult literacy skills training among non-literate youths, adults, persons with disability and the Elderly
  • Build a culture of lifelong learning at the community level
  • Increase adult learners ability to make informed decisions

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